Cels Birthday Stream



You have been invited to Cel’s birthday party, streaming on twitch.tv/celdavison We’ll be playing Among Us together on the 22nd of October (Cel’s literal birthday), at 14:00 BST (make sure to check for your timezone difference). We’ll likely play for 2 hours, more or less, depending on the vibes. Don’t feel obligated to stay for the entire 2 hours. You are very welcome to drop out at any point if you want, without providing explanation (just let me know if you want to drop out).

Unfortunately Among Us has a top player count of 10, meaning I only had 9 slots to fill. I’d love to invite more if I could... and I will! If anyone drops out I’ll look for someone I know in the chat to fill the space. If I’ve invited you from the chat you should hopefully be reading this now.


Set Up

It’s worth noting that we’ll be playing Among Us over voice chat and not text chat (your voice will appear on the stream and on the saved video), and if you don’t feel comfortable doing that it’s totally ok to back out. Also I will have my webcam on for the stream, but no one else will.

We’ll use Discord to do the voice call (let me know if you need a hand with using Discord). If you haven’t already please join the Humble Grove Discord and let me know what your user name is, so I can give you a temporary role that will give you access to the voice channel. You’ll also gain access to a text channel that we’ll use for communicating anything we don’t want the chat to see (e.g. if any of us is feeling uncomfortable).

Please turn up 10-15 minutes before the stream, so we’re ready to go live on time. 🙏 Feel free to hangout and introduce yourself in the voice/text channels before the stream. If you would like to stream it too please let me know so I can inform my guests.



This is an inclusive community and many of us are trans. You can assign pronoun roles in the Discord, but feel free to post them in the text channel too. If you are unsure of someone’s pronouns please ask, rather than guessing. If you use the wrong pronouns for someone, apologise (nothing more than “I’m sorry” is necessary), correct yourself and move on.


What is Among Us?

Among Us is a multiplayer game where we all play crewmates trying to fix things on/for their spaceship. There are a number of tasks we all have to complete in order to win the game. The twist is that 1-3 people are imposters working against us and killing us off. We have to work out who the imposters are so we can eject them. The imposters have to kill us all before we complete our tasks. It’s incredibly simple and involves a lot of talking, bluffing and detective work.

You can play for free on a mobile device (iOS, Android, tablet) or pay a one off price to play on Windows PC (no Mac port sorry!). Either works to play with us and there’s no particular preference. I’ve played on my iPad in the past, but will be on my PC for the stream.


House Rules

- Talking allowed at all times, while alive
- You can talk about things happening in the game
- No talking if you’re dead (you might want to mute yourself)
- Only accuse someone during a meeting
- Casting doubt is fine
- Don’t watch the stream or read the chat during a game
- Please use your name for your player name, to avoid confusion

(Some of these rules can be bent. You’ll feel it out for yourself, just try not to say anything that would completely give the game away outside of meetings.)


Traffic Light System

If you would like to make any boundaries known on a current topic/conversation, but cannot or don’t wish to do so verbally, you can do so by using an emoji or typing a colour into the discord chat. (Please let me know if you are colour blind)

🟢 Green - I’m fine let’s keep going
🟡 Yellow - I’m a little uncomfortable, but let’s move on
🔴 Red - I’m not doing ok, please drop it

No one has to explain deploying a colour from the traffic light system, please do not ask if someone does. If you use it you are welcome to explain, if you want to, but are not obligated to at all. Keep discretion if someone has used the system, do not draw attention to it. If a topic is not dropped when appropriate then I will step in and ask them to.

If you feel confident setting boundaries verbally you are also welcome to do so. The system is there to aid anyone who feels they need to use it, but use what works best for you. If someone sets a boundary over voice, please just accept it and move on.


Code of Conduct

It can be easy to just say “you’re all my friends, so it’ll be fine and we’ll just get along”. Mostly likely it will all be fine, but from personal experience, things can go wrong. You are all my friends and I do trust you, but please read and comply with the CoC:

Everyone should be able to enjoy their time without harassment or discrimination. If you’re found or accused of harassing, or discriminating against someone you will be ask to stop. If you do not stop you may be asked to leave. If you do not leave when asked then I will kick/ban you. The same goes for anyone in the stream chat.

If you feel someone is harassing you or being discriminatory (in the voice call, Discord text channel or Twitch chat), please let me know, or if you feel comfortable ask them to stop too. If they don’t stop or get defensive then I will take action.

If someone accuses you or harassment or discrimination please do not argue and stop doing whatever you have been ask to stop doing. A common excuse is that something is “just a joke”: This is not good enough. Often jokes are difficult to interpret as jokes, instead don’t make jokes about discrimination or harassment.

Here are some types of discrimination I will not tolerate, but am not limited to: Racism, Transphobia, Homophobia, Queerphobia, Xenophobia, Ableism, White supremacy and any kind of white suprematist symbols or dog whistles.

The traffic light system is here to make the process easier, but if something makes you uncomfortable and you are struggling to say, please message me during or after the stream. I promise to take you seriously and try my best to resolve any situation.


Have Fun!

I’m looking forward to playing with you all and I hope you have a lovely time :-)